Grandparents Day - September 12th

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The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is so special.  For grandparents, relationships with grandchildren can provide connection with a younger generation and exposure to different ideas.  For grandkids, grandparents can offer life wisdom that they can put into practice as the navigate growing up.  "The bond between children and their grandparents is obvious, heartwarming, magical, and universal.  It is so strong, it can never be broken.  They hold each other's hearts forever."  

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In 2021, Grandparents Day will be celebrated on Sunday, September 12th.   

We asked a few of our team members and their children about their fondest memories of their grandparents or what they think about their grandparents.  Here a few answers:

- My oldest son's favorite memory of his grandmother was her coming to our house when he was little just so he could climb up into her lap and rub her earlobe.  And literally, that was the only reason she would come over.

- My grandmother would make the best pound cakes.  I can still feel the warmth of her house and the smell of those cakes.  I was fortunate enough to inherit her glass cake pedestal when she passed away.  Now I use her same pound cake recipe and store them in the same container.

- When I asked my youngest son (who happens to be an adult) about his grandparents, he thought long and hard, which I thought was strange.  Many people just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.  Not him.  He pondered his thoughts and words very carefully.  To my surprise, he came up with the following for his grandfather: "I remember sitting in the room with my gramps when he was in the nursing home watching a comedy movies.  I was just a kid.  He was disabled and could not get out of the bed, so I just sat in the chair beside him....watching movies and eating popcorn.  I can still remember his laugh.  It wasn't a loud or belching laugh but more of a smile and half tongue rolled up halfway out and more static type spray bottle laugh that was nice."  His response about his grandmother: "She helped people with her bright smile and big brains and always wore her round glasses.  She was a small frame of a woman but still beyond beautiful."  His response to about his grandparents who are still alive: "Meemaw makes sure everyone in the family is taken care of first before she takes care of herself and shows what family really means.  And she loves shoes!  My pawpaw taught me to know my hobbies and stick to them not caring what anyone says.  You see, he enjoys metal detecting, collecting coins, looking at trees, and researching UFOs."

- My grandmother made the BEST biscuits and sausage gravy.  Everywhere I travel, I order biscuits and gravy for breakfast trying to see if anyone else can come close to hers.  So far, she still wins!

- My maternal grandmother was a hoot and could cook up a storm, and she always wore a wig.  One afternoon, all the cousins were at her house on the deck, and a bee landed in the wig.  My oldest cousin pulled off the wig, and she broke out in hysterical laughter.  I still use some of her recipes today but cannot copy her corn fritters.

- My paternal grandfather was quite handy.  He was always making or repairing furniture.  Once summer, we restored the rocking chair everyone was rocked in a child...including my dad.  We repaired the frame and stained everything to match.  At 75, he was still mowing yards to help out the neighbors.

- For me, it was the weird things I remember about my grandparents.  I remember the 70's orange and yellow colors of my grandmother's house.  My papa would only drink the frozen orange juice concentrate, so my grandma would make that for him all the time.  And my grandparents had a hydrangea bush at the end of their trailer.  Strange I know...but every time I see a hydrangea bush, my mind goes rushing back to them and all the time I spent with them in their trailer.

- My fondest memories of my Papaw was sitting on the side porch of their house in Denton, NC.  We would sit and do as Charlie Daniels sang in the song "Carolina I Remember You": "watch the last of that magnificent Southern Sun bleed away into the night sky".  Many stories got told on that porch.  My fondest memories of my Granny V. was her awesome cooking.  And if any of us kids got stung by a bee, she'd reach into her lower lip, dip out some snuff, and put it on our bee sting.  Took the sting away immediately.  And my fondest memories of Granny  R. was Christmas Eve at my Aunt's house.  My Granny lived with my Aunt, and my family would always spend Christmas Eve there.  I can still see my Granny in that kitchen cooking biscuits, frying tenderloin, sausage, and bacon for our Christmas Eve supper.  She was a sweet, humble woman, and she taught me how to tie my shoes and tell time.  My grandparents are all gone to be with Jesus now, but I will always have fond memories of times spent with them.

- My maternal grandparents lived next door to us through their retirement years and until they passed.  It was nice having family close and seeing the way my mother cared for her parents through their old age.  It was a great example of love and service.  My paternal grandmother was a great card player, and I remember going to her house often during my early adolescence to fish and play pinochle.

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Now is an excellent time for grandparents to create special spaces for their grandchildren.  In our multi-generational floorplans, everyone can coexist in the same house.  Turn a bonus room into an amazing playroom that will have the grandkids begging to visit.  Make your own memories baking in one of our open kitchen plans.  With our multiple bedroom floorplan options, make sure your grandchildren have a room or rooms to spend memorable nights in.  

And with several of our community amenities, the playground is a perfect place for grandparents and grandchildren to connect.  Enjoy discussing their dreams, goals, and fears all while figuring out how to make the world a better place when taking a leisurely walk in the neighborhood.  

Whatever you do, enjoy time spent with your grandparents and/or grandchildren.  "Time is your most important asset; don't let it go to waste."

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