The Color of the Year 2024

Posted: February, 6, 2024 | Categories: Blog


Once again, Sherwin-Williams has introduced its Color of the Year - Upward SW 6239.

Per Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams / Director of Color Marketing, "each year, our color forecast team selects just one hue to tell the story of the cultural moment we’re experiencing. For our 2024 Color of the Year, we’re swept up in the clarity and calm of Upward SW 6239 (224-C1), a tranquil and uplifting blue-gray that encourages boundless creativity. This color of classic comfort speaks to a desire for personal progress and peace—an outlook and effort that allows us, individually and together, to move up and rise above—ever ascending." 

"Upward is the ethereal dance of ambition and dreams, an ascent toward the limitless skies of possibility. It’s the daring leap that transcends boundaries, the intrepid flight that defies gravity’s constraints. Upward is the pulse of inspiration, the cosmic tug that urges us to reach higher and embrace the uncharted realms of our imagination. Upward is the ever-ascending spiral, propelling us to soar beyond the stars and write our stories among the constellations of greatness."

SW 2024 Interior.jpg

SW 2024 Interior 2.jpg

"Used as an accent or all over, in classic coastal or casual Nordic styles, the airy, misty-hued beauty dwells where the fairest-weather blue finds just a hint of silver lining. Additionally, the commercial appeal of pale blue hues resonates widely, manifesting in furniture, lighting, textiles, and accessories in ranges that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. I can see this color used everywhere!"

To view the colors to pair with Upward or to order color samples, check out Sherwin-Williams' website at


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