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Posted: May, 20, 2021 | Categories: Blog

We, at Isenhour Homes, feel we have processes or steps in place to deliver a buyer their Dream Home.  One of our processes is conducting a Homeowner Orientation. 


A homeowner orientation is an introduction to the new home and its many features.  This is a meeting that goes beyond the traditional “walk-through” to include a detailed demonstration of the home and a review of information on its maintenance.  This is also an opportunity for the homeowner and Isenhour Homes to confirm that the home meets the standards of quality as set forth by Isenhour Homes and the buyer’s expectations.  This orientation occurs several days before closing and usually takes a few hours.  We take the time to answer any questions the buyer might have, discuss our warranty process, and schedule the next step in our process.

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Our goal is to provide a premier home building experience.  And a Homeowner Orientation is just another tool we use to accomplish that goal.

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