Must Have Kitchen Appliances (and Some You Don't Need)

Posted: December, 9, 2021 | Categories: Blog

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So many of us love to spend time in our kitchens. Whether you're making all the family favorites handed down from generation to generation or trying out the next hot food trend straight from the internet, cooking for yourself and the ones you love can be a rewarding experience. And there are almost endless kitchen appliances you could use for all those favorite recipes. So how do you know what you really need? This list can help you decide.

Kitchen appliances that you can pass up

Let's start with appliances you probably don't need. For the most part, these appliances are just too specific to really make them worth it in the long term. They are most likely just going to end up taking up space in your cabinet.

Juicer. While the results are tasty, a dedicated juicer isn't necessary. Most high-end blenders can accomplish the same thing. And that blender is far more versatile. Your juicer only makes juice. When you add in all the effort to prep the produce, all that wasted pulp, and the fact that most juicers are a pain to clean, why bother?

An electric kettle. Do you have a working stove? Then you don't need this. It boils water and keeps it warm. That's it. Saucepans and coffee makers can also provide hot water just as well. Unless you often find yourself needing hot water when your burners are occupied, or you have an elderly or disabled family member and you worry about them safely using the stove, go ahead and skip it.

Slow cooker. Yes, this old standby has its fervent fans. However, with the invention of the multi-cooker, a separate slow cooker isn't a necessity. Although multi-cookers work differently, you will actually have more control over the temperature and cook time. If you don't use your slow cooker often, combining that with other functions is a better option, especially if you're looking to save space in your cabinets.

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Kitchen appliances you do need

Now for the ones that are going to make your kitchen a better place. These are all versatile, which means less cabinet and counter space taken up with items you just don't use.

Multicooker (Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, and others). They pressure cook, slow cook, steam, sauté, and some can even sous vide, air fry, and function as canners too. Many have specific buttons for foods like eggs, rice, jam, or yogurt to remove the guesswork. That kind of versatility pays for itself.

Immersion blender. They're so much more convenient than lugging your blender out of the cabinet every time you use it. They can't make huge pitchers of frozen beverages for parties, but if you only use a blender for pureeing, blending soups and sauces, and single servings of beverages, you can save yourself the inconvenience of a larger, bulkier appliance.

Toaster oven air fryer. Many newer toaster ovens air fry as well. And they do a darn good job. Of course, they still toast, so you won't need a toaster either. They have larger capacities than either standard toaster ovens or stand-alone air fryers, which is a plus for families. These same models can also function as countertop convection ovens, which can be handy for big holiday meals.

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Whether you want to equip the kitchen of your new home or just get rid of some of the things you don't really need, these appliances will help you enjoy working in your kitchen by saving you time and effort. And that is something every cook can really appreciate.



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