Ten Things Every HOA Resident Should Know

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Many residential communities have a homeowner's association (HOA) to make and enforce rules for the properties and its residents.  The members of an HOA are the actual residents of that community.  If a development has an HOA, membership is usually mandatory.  A board of directors or governors are elected to enforce and oversee the Rules & Regulations and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions of each HOA.  These conditions sometimes include structural restrictions (the type of fences or landscape allowed) or aesthetic choices (the color paint of a house or the type of mailbox).  Typically, dues are collected in accordance with the governing documents to pay for common area maintenance & repair and the upkeep of facilities.  Here are ten things every HOA resident should know as received from a local management company.

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  1. Know the Rules - Understand and comply with the restrictive covenants, by-laws, and other rules & regulations.
  2. Know that you must pay your dues/assessments on time.
  3. Do not ignore communications from your HOA, especially notices regarding outstanding dues/assessments, rule violations, or fines. 
  4. You must maintain your property according to the governing documents and rules.
  5. Know that an Architectural Request Change Form must be completed by the homeowner and approved by the board/committee before making improvements.  This typically includes sheds, fences, paint colors, door styles, landscaping, mailboxes, etc.
  6. Know that your association has certain responsibilities to the membership including compliance with federal and state laws, fiduciary responsibility to board members, elections, meeting notices, meetings, due process, and much more as defined by the by-laws and covenants of the HOA.
  7. Stay informed and participate in the business of your association by attending the annual meeting, reading the meeting minutes, and volunteering.
  8. Maintain a current address & contact information with your homeowners association.
  9. Know that if you rent your home or allow others to occupy your home, ensure that those tenants/occupants understand that they too must abide by all the rules & regulations of the community.
  10. Know who is in charge.  Maintain contact information for an association representative.  This may be an on-site employee, a management company, or a board member.

Before you build or buy into a community with an HOA, talk to your realtor, the builder, or the developer of the community to find out all the information about the homeowners association.  The governing documents should be recorded in the Register of Deeds office in the county which the community is located in.  Do your research and be informed.  

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